Since 1938 - A Recreational/Social Organization for All Seasons

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Board of Directors

Darryl Kuhrt, President

Mark Barnard, Vice President

Lynda Clark, Secretary

Mike Hanson, Treasurer

Carol Peterson, Communications

John Adams, Marketing Director

Margie Ridgeway, Membership Director

Paul Markowitz, Purchasing

Barbara Bryant, Social Director

Anna Anderson, Trip Coordinator

Betty Hawkins, Assistant Trip Coordinator


Paul Markowitz, ISC/FWSA Representative

Fred Uranga, Historian

Nancy Moore, Social Media

Carol Peterson, Webmaster

Kim Hovren, Past President

Vicki Kuebler, Assistant Marketing Director

List of Past Presidents

Mailing Address

P. O. Box 973
Boise, ID 83701-0973

Physical Address
(for UPS and FedEx)

750 W. Bannock Street, #973
Boise, ID 83702